light magic for dark times

Light Magic for Dark Times

is a collection of inspired daily practices and rituals for when your world is descending into chaos and darkness, or to help prevent it. Think of it as a grimoire for modern magic makers, rebels, witches and dreamers.

Having a hard time finding your inner light? Need to manifest strength or conviction in the face of trauma or division? Want to send healing vibes to a friend—or a group of people who need it? Light Magic For Dark Times helps you make magic that feels right to you.

Some of the spells, rituals, and practices included are:

A binding spell to combat social burnout
A seashell spell to protect a loved one or a group
A lunar light ritual to welcome new beginnings
A bathing ritual to heal from grief
A morning tarot ritual for productive daily commutes
A shadow play spell to confront difficult memories
Everyday practices to help you find your own magic

Basile’s spellcraft radiates love and sex-positivity, but it is certainly not hex-negative. She elevates shadow work and emphasizes the importance of delving into the dark and facing pain head on to heal. There is no trauma too deep or desire too superficial for the spells, incantations, and rituals contained in this grimoire.
— Kristen J. Sollée

The inspiration behind the book, and this blog

First off, this book is an everyday, no-bullshit grimoire of self-care and coping practices--inspired by witchery. It's written to inspire each reader to explore their own personal magic. You don't need to prescribe to any set of beliefs, nor do you have to have an interest in spells or magic to use it. It's for people who want to use their own intent and energy to effect change. It's fun, it's relaxing, it's creative, and it's intense.

I've spent a lot of time exploring light, dark, and shadow as a writer, poet, and magic maker. So, in writing it, I shared some of my own personal experiences in each chapter: foster care, family addiction, grief, and chronic illness. I believe it's in these shadowy spaces where transformation (big or small) does happen. I truly didn't want to scrub the pain or trauma out of the text; rather, I wanted this book to be informed by real life. It was important to me that the spells, rituals, and practices within were written from a place of honesty, experience, and empathy. 

I also drew on what I've learned and seen as founder and editor-in-chief of Luna Luna Magazine, which I've worked on for nearly five years. In this role, I've had the privilege of reading and publishing vulnerable, beautiful personal narratives from writers (and witches!) all over the world. I drew upon all of this--the resilience and the struggle--that others have shared with our readers.

In the end, this book will ask you to look your loss and emptiness in the eye, but it will also help you find creativity and autonomy and healing.

So, is this book for you? If you've ever felt a bit different, like an unnamable, splendid energy lives within you, this book is for you. It's for you if you're interested in soul-replenishing self-care rituals. It's for you if you seek a sense of control and autonomy, whatever your circumstances. It's for you if you want to let loose and make some damn magic by the light of the moon. 

I dedicate it to all the dreamers, thinkers, darklings, light-seekers, shadow-dwellers, rebels, and witches out there. I truly believe that by integrating magic into our lives, we join a legacy of individuality, bravery, and resistance.